The Ravenscroft Repository of Bardic Goodness


Medieval and Renaissance Music

M'amour jamais on ne verra changer (My Love Will Never Change). 16th c. French, monophonic, secular.

Mignonne allons voir si la rose. 16th c. French, monophonic, secular.

Original Music

Blessings. Meant to be a "May the road rise to meet you" sort of piece. It works well as an end-of-evening, farewell song.

Courage to the Cottar. Instrumental only. Written for my husband to play on his low D whistle.

Fairy Ring. "... and the time doesn't pass here at all".

Gentle Grace. A harp piece in C.

Make a Stand. When you threaten a man's home, you may well find that you have pushed him too far.

One Thing Led to Another. Written for everyone in the SCA who loves to do ALL the things :-)

The Pollen Song. For all allergy sufferers. Filked to the tune of "Summertime".

When Meridies Goes to War. Because you can never have too many kickass kingdom anthems.

Traditional Music

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