The Ravenscroft Repository of Bardic Goodness

I want you to sing. Yes, you. Yes, really.

I want you to sing, even if your voice isn't the best, even if you were told you shouldn't, and even if it is scary.

This website isn't the biggest or best collection of bardic material, but it is what I have to offer. I hope you find something here that you love, or that helps you to learn something new.

There is music here from the medieval and renaissance periods, as well as some that is traditional, and some that is my original work.

I've also included some links to other resources for learning about music and the bardic arts.

So go ahead and make music. LOTS of music! And encourage those around you to make music too. Together, let's set the world to singing.

When the great plague arose, people in the SCA began looking for ways to continue their hobby in the virtual world. The bardic arts were particularly successful in adapting to the new technologies, and virtual bardic circles sprang up all around the Knowne World. This is a quick reference guide to all the circles and classes I am aware of. If you have an event that you would like to have added, please contact me.