Meg (Nutmeg) is our herd queen. She has a forceful personality, and will try to get away with a lot, but isn't mean about it. She recently had triplets. She is Nubian, and her kids were sired by a mini, so will be somewhat smaller than her when grown. One of the kids (the little brown doeling) is considerably smaller than the others. She is having trouble competing with the others for food, so we have been removing the other two from the pen in the afternoons, and letting her stay with Meg. We're also letting her nurse alone in the mornings and evenings when Meg is getting her grain. I suspect she may also be dealing with coccidia, and will start treating that today. Email us


  • Pixie- brown doeling- small, and struggling. Also loud.
  • Nixie- solid black doeling- active and affectionate. Would love to be a lap goat.
  • Sprite- black buckling with white muzzle and ears- strong and fearless. Would like to free the barnyard of its evil rooster overlord.

The kids are 2 1/2 weeks old now, and desperately need disbudding, if it isn't too late.

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