Brandy (Brandy Alexander) - Our other "special needs" goat. Brandy was recently hit with a double whammy of coccidia and stomach worms. Her health is currently fragile, and whoever takes her will need to be prepared to play nursemaid for a while. She is very anemic. She has been treated for cocci, and responded well to that. She has also been wormed several times. This last time, we used a wormer called Prohibit, which is dangerously strong, but also one of the few that has much effect on this type of worm. She's also getting vitamin B shots twice a day, Red Cell, chlorophyll, fresh greens several times daily, a homemade electrolyte mix, and whatever else we can think of to build her up. She's a super special little goat. I hate to stress her out right now by moving her to a new home. ! Email us

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